“A real beauty queen knows how to embrace her individuality,” says Sandeep Kumar, the president of Rubaru Group

The annual Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition will commence soon and models from different parts of the world will travel to India to take part in this international modelling competition. One of its kind, Miss Supermodel Worldwide is the fastest growing international fashion event and beauty pageant based in the South Asian subcontinent. It is associated with more than 50 nations worldwide and is famous for its different preliminary events and colossal world finale ceremony. The pageant was launched by Indian pageant expert and social activist, Sandeep Kumar in the year 2018 and in just a short span of 2 years, the pageant has become a global event and has produced various stunning models and beauty queens.

Sandeep Kumar, the president of Rubaru Group

On being asked what are the qualities that are required to be there to win the title of Miss Supermodel Worldwide, the competition’s founder and president, Sandeep Kumar mentioned, “One needs to have the beauty which is not just superficial. A real beauty queen knows how to embrace her individuality with confidence. That’s what we are looking for, a candidate who has an equally beautiful personality as her face. It is a modelling competition so attributes like height, runway skills, elegance etc. are there however those are not the only things on which a winner gets elected. A beautiful face without a beautiful personality is like a flower without fragrance.”

Rubaru Group’s president, Sandeep Kumar.

Kumar further added, “One needs to be a universal presence and not just the stereotypical representation of a beauty queen or a model that has existed in past. We are not looking for candidates who are clones of other beauty queens or models as an original is worth more than a copy. Our two former winners have very appropriately lived up to our expectations and have proven to be remarkably excellent. We hope to find a winner like them not someone who is their clone.”

Rubaru Group’s president, Sandeep Kumar.

The third edition of Miss Supermodel Worldwide international modelling competition will commence in the month of April. At the world finale of the contest, the reigning Miss Supermodel Worldwide, Rafha Khongngam from Thailand will crown her successor.

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