Balli Fakkar Jhanda to lead Punjab region at Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League 2021

Balli Fakkar Jhanda from Fakkar Jhanda village will lead the region of Punjab at Circle Kabaddi Worldwide tournament 2021.The tournament will be organized by Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League, a subsidiary of Indian talent promoting organization, Rubaru Group. Balli Fakkar Jhanda has been assigned the role of Punjab Region Head. He will soon be seen conducting the regional trial matches to select the players that would advance to Worldwide tournament scheduled to take place this year (2021).

Balli Fakkar Jhanda

Balli Fakkar Jhanda is regarded as one of the best Kabaddi players hailing from Punjab. In his amazingly well-decorated career as a Kabaddi player, he has been part of more than 220 matches and has won the Best Raider award 32 times. This 6 ft. and 2-inch-tall Kabaddi star will also serve as the guidance head for Punjab region at Circle Kabaddi Worldwide. He dedicates all his successes to his parents – Mr. Virender Singh and Mrs. Ravinder Kaur and his Kabaddi coach, Mr. Babbu Pandit.

Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League is a subsidiary of Rubaru Group. The organization was founded by Haryana based entrepreneur and social activist, Sandeep Kumar in the year 2004. Over the years, the Rubaru Group has hosted several international, national and state level events in India. The organization is one of the biggest talent promoting organizations in Asia. It produces 3 international events and 4 national events every year. Earlier this year (2021), the president of Rubaru Group, Sandeep Kumar announced his desire to enter the cultural sports sector and a couple of days later, he launched Circle Kabaddi Worldwide League to promote India’s indigenous sporting event – Kabaddi. Before qualifying for the tournament, the players would have to go through a preliminary selection process that would be conducted by the region heads in their respective states.   

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