Dominican Republic to host the 2021 Mister Tourism World championship

The new Mister Tourism World India to get elected on April 8 at India’s biggest male pageant – Rubaru Mr. India

The beautiful Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic has been chosen to host the prestigious Mister Tourism World championship this year. This is for the very first time the championship will take place in the Caribbean region. The international event will commence on November 26. Delegates from different parts of the world will travel to Dominican Republic to take part in this global fashion festival. The world finals and closing ceremony of the championship will take place on December 4, at Pabellon de la Fama del Deporte Dominicano in Santo Domingo. At the culmination of the event, the current winner, Danial Hansen will abdicate his title and pass it over to his successor.

This year’s Mister Tourism World championship will be divided in several preliminary segments to judge the participating candidates. They will take part in segments like World Tourism and Culture fashion festival, International Tourism Conference / Forum, Local is World Class Program, Talent show, formal wear competition, national costume competition and fitness and swimwear segment to name a few. Along with that, they will take part in a series of photoshoots before the world finale. The best performing candidate, throughout the championship will get elected the event’s winner on December 4. Apart of the winner, special award winners and runners-up will also get elected.

Mister Tourism World is an international male pageant headquartered in the United Kingdom. The event is organized by Mister Tourism World organization, under the leadership of its founder and director, Czarina de Britannia. The event is regarded as one of the foremost international pageants in the world.

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