Exclusive Interview – Manju Joon, Rubaru Mrs. India 2021 finalist

Manju Joon from Haryana has been selected as one of the finalists for the next edition of Rubaru Mrs. India beauty pageant. She holds a master’s degree in Pharmacy and is Pharmaceutical Department’s senior manager at Kinapse Scientific Services Ltd. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her experiences and her journey so far.

Manju Joon, Rubaru Mrs. India 2021 finalist

Q. Many congratulations to you for making it to the national finals of Rubaru Mrs. India competition. How do you feel about it?
Manju Joon
: Thank you so much. I feel so happy and glad that I have been selected as one of the finalists of the Rubaru Mrs. India beauty pageant. Such beauty pageants and competitions help women to come forward and voice their opinions and choices. Their views can be propagated to a larger number of people. It also offers a platform to us where we can talk about our choices and express our views with confidence and dignity. I am happy that I have been selected to be a part of such an event.

Q. Please tell us something about your hobbies and areas of interest.
Manju Joon:
My hobbies include teaching and tutoring, watching movies and cooking. I believe teaching and tutoring are two of the best activities with which you can connect with people and percolate the knowledge down the line and can help them take right decisions. Cooking and watching movies are my stress busters.

Q. Describe yourself in three words.
Manju Joon:
Compassionate, Caring and Emotional.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best way to handle criticism?
Manju Joon:
First of all, identify whether the criticism is constructive and destructive. It could be a feedback from anyone in family, friends, and colleagues. Be grateful to constructive criticizers and handle destructive criticism by establishing its intent, ignoring/responding calmly and peacefully, acting on the feedback, and avoiding negative individuals helps you grow better.

Q. What is the biggest lesson that your life has taught you?
Manju Joon:
 The biggest lesson that life taught me was when I was appearing for 12th board exams. Due to peer-pressure and performance stress, I got surrounded with negative thoughts however soon I realized and imbibed the law of attraction where like attracts like and realized the importance of positive thoughts. You will attract the things on which you concentrate whole day, you will attract the things which you are. So always surround yourself with positive thoughts, love and respect yourself, and you will certainly find yourself surrounded with positive energy, people and thoughts which is the key to any kind of success.

Q. What or who has been your greatest support in life?
Manju Joon:
My father has been my greatest support. He made me realize the value of hard work and dedication, and made me the person that I am today.  

Q. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.
Manju  Joon:
“Practice makes a man perfect”. That’s engraved in my mind since childhood. No one is born knowledgeable, successful and skillful. It’s the sincere efforts, hard work and practice with positive attitude that helps one in achieving the echelons in one’s life.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers.
Manju Joon:
Follow your dreams, be successful and give back to the society / mankind / your nation when you are in that position with full interest and gratitude. Be responsible for acts. Keep your surroundings neat and clean. Stay healthy and safe. Take care of yourself and take care your family. Mask-up, stay at home as much as possible and avoid going to large gatherings.

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