Exclusive Interview – Momita Singh, Rubaru Miss India Elite 2021 finalist

Momita Singh from Assam, has been selected as one of the finalists for the next edition of Rubaru Miss India Elite beauty pageant. She is a model by profession and is currently based in New Delhi. A medical student, Momita stands 5 ft. and 9 inches tall, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her experiences and the journey she has covered so far. 

Momita Singh, Rubaru Miss India Elite 2021 finalist

Q. Many congratulations to you for making it to the national finals of Rubaru Miss India Elite 2021 beauty pageant. How do you feel about it?
Momita Singh:
Thank you so much. I feel so happy and honored that I have been selected as one of the finalists for Rubaru Miss India Elite 2021 beauty pageant. I would like to thank the Rubaru Group and Mr. Sandeep Kumar for seeing the potential in me and selecting me as one of the national level finalists for the pageant. To all the people who are supporting me in this journey, thank you so much for being with me. I shall do my best to make you proud.

Q. Please tell us about your hobbies and areas of interest.
Momita Singh:
I like to keep fit and for that I prefer regular workout sessions and exercise. These days, I have been exercising and practicing Yoga at home. Along with this, I like to dance and learn new things. I also like to interact with people from different cultures. It is very fascinating to know about their culture, their language and their traditions.

Q.  Describe yourself in three words.
Momita Singh:
The three words that describe me the best are,
1. Passionate – I am very passionate about my goals and put all my efforts together in achieving them.
2. Diligent – Diligence is a noble trait that is very essential if you want to achieve something in life. No matter how many times you fail, your persistence and diligence should never fade away. Sometimes, it takes a while for your efforts to yield good results.
3. Cheerful – Whatever I do, I do it with full zeal and enthusiasm. This is the one trait that helps me keep moving ahead despite facing all the odds in my path.  

Q. In your opinion, what is the best way to handle criticism?
Momita Singh:
I try to stay calm and do not lose my temper. I never respond with arrogance and aggression. The best way to handle criticism is to take it as a feedback and then to implement it, if you believe it is worth implementing. I always welcome and appreciate constructive criticism as it helps me become a better person.

Q. What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?
Momita Singh:
Life is all about growing and learning. Never let your past failures become the hurdles in your path to success. Rather use your failures as lessons to climb even higher and achieve ever bigger accomplishments in life.

Q. Who or what has been your greatest support in life?
Momita Singh:
My Parents. They are my biggest support system in life. I will always remain grateful to them and cannot thank them enough for whatever they have done for me and are still doing for me. Whatever I am today, is all because of my parents.

Q. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you. 
Momita Singh:
Mother Teresa once said, “If you are humble then nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace.” In our lives, we meet several people who try to pull us down, who try to demoralize us with their actions and words, but we should not let them influence our personality and temperament.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers.
Momita Singh:
Never give up on anything. There is always a sunrise after every dark night.  Thank you.

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