Exclusive interview – Nisha Toshniwal, Rubaru Mrs India 2021 finalist

Nisha Toshniwal from Assam, has been selected as one of the finalists for the next edition of Rubaru Mrs India beauty pageant. She hails from Guwahati and is currently based in Kolkata. She holds a post-graduate diploma in Business Management from Wigan & Leigh College, England, and is an event organizer by profession. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her experiences and the journey she has covered so far.  .

Nisha Toshniwal, Rubaru Mrs India 2021 finalist

Q. Many congratulations to you for making it to the national finals of Rubaru Mrs India 2021 beauty pageant. How do you feel about it?
Nisha Toshniwal:
Thank you so much. It does feel great when you get selected to compete at a national event. Beauty pageants, these days, have become a credible platform for women to empower other women, and it gives us an opportunity to express our views and opinions, addressing an audience at a larger scale. It helps in creating awareness on several social issues and encourages us to support causes like women empowerment and importance of education to name a few. I am happy and honored that I have been chosen as one of the finalists this year.

Q. Please tell us about your hobbies and areas of interest.
Nisha Toshniwal:
Going on adventure-packed trips is what I pursue actively as my interest. Travelling to lesser known places enables me to not only challenge my limits but also helps me interact with people who live a very different lifestyle to ours. I enjoy meeting new people, from different cultures, on the way and make great memories.  

Q.  Describe yourself in three words.
Nisha Toshniwal:
Compassionate, charismatic and confident.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best way to handle criticism?
Nisha Toshniwal:
I believe the best way to handle criticism is to detach the critic from criticism, take it as a learning opportunity, work on the given feedback and then focus on becoming a better version of  yourself. 

Q. What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?
Nisha Toshniwal:
The biggest lesson life has taught me is that you cannot make everyone happy at the same time and you cannot please everyone in your life at once. Even if you are the ripest, juiciest and sweetest mango, there is still going to be someone who does not like mangoes. Believe in God and your life becomes even more beautiful.  

Q. Who or what has been your greatest support in life?
Nisha Toshniwal:
Along with the values of compassion and honesty, my survival skills such as multi-tasking abilities and being organised that help me grow – both professionally and personally – are my biggest support-pillars in life.

Q. Any quote or saying that has profound impact on you.  
Nisha Toshniwal:
Every morning when the sun rises I listen to this payer -“Humko man ki shakti dena man vijay karein, doosron ki jai se pehle khud ko jai karein.” The lines inspire me to be the change I want to see in the world; it helps me strengthen my mind so that before bringing a positive impact in lives of others, I can help myself to be victorious.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers.
Nisha Toshniwal:
This message is from my personal experience – It is okay to begin whenever you want to begin. There is no better moment to begin something ‘now’ and there is no bigger hurdle in the path of success than ‘procrastination’.  Thank you.

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