The name GreHIndia or now, GrehIndia was originally abbreviated from Greatest Hackers of India. As per name, the plan to connect with hackers could not succeed working, so the name and website were neither developed nor worked upon. Later in 2019, an idea was offered by a friend (Gagan Singh) of the possessor to uplift this name in the form of progression to beauty pageants held at various locations in the world.

So here we are…

GrehIndia is an initiative to help obscure contestants to get engaged on the Internet. Our administer is working to promote and get them a niche on the web. Hence, we publish articles to build-up an obscure contestant put forward to a succession.


GrehIndia also interviews, fact-finds and then publishes articles about the models and their life-changing experiences from all over the world. GrehIndia goes for locally when it comes to publishing articles or interviewing models. GrehIndia also receives approval from must-see event(s), or entertainment(s) to post experiences of the models while onstage.