How Glamanand Supermodel India became India’s fastest growing major beauty pageant

India is regarded as one of the leading nations in the beauty pageant industry. There is hardly any international beauty pageant that has not seen an Indian representative. One of the major reasons behind India’s strong presence in the international pageantry is its very diverse beauty pageant industry. However, this was not the same earlier. India joined the international pageant sector in the early 1950’s with the dawn of international pageantry, however, the nation remained excessively dormant for next 40 years. India made irregular appearances at the international level without any strong impact. At times due to irregular management of the franchises and / or absence of any proper franchise holders, often resulted in India’s withdrawal from major international pageants on multiple occasions. It subsequently resulted in establishment of a vicious monopoly in the Indian pageant sector. One organization continued to practice this monopoly till the early 2010’s until it was broken by a young gentleman in the mid-2010’s. His name, Nikhil Anand, the man behind India’s newest and fastest growing major pageant, Glamanand Supermodel India. Within one year of its formation, Glamanand Supermodel India formed association with two of the leading international pageants – Miss International and Miss Earth and put an end to the monopoly that existed in the Indian pageant industry for nearly 60 years.

After acquiring two of the biggest international franchises in 2015, Glamanand Supermodel India became one of the three major beauty pageants in India. Today, it is the only major beauty pageant in India that awards three international titles at its coronation night, including Miss International India, Miss Grand International India and Miss Multinational India. No other major Indian pageant holds three international franchises except Glamanand. Since its formation in 2014, the said national pageant has come a long way and cemented itself as a leading beauty pageant in the world.

While other major league Indian pageants put prime focus on Indian actors and singers, and give little to no visibility and stage time to the candidates during their national finals, Glamanand put more emphasis on candidates and their performances on stage, adhering to the authentic concepts and values of pageantry. From proper pre-finale activities to preliminary shows; from talent competition to national costume segment; from proper photoshoots to on stage interviews, Glamanand put everything together that never existed in a single Indian pageant in the past. With its colossal finale venue to extravagant preliminary show, Glamanand became the only Indian pageant that live streamed all of its main events. While candidates of the other Indian pageants spend most of their time to promote the sponsors on the pageant and brands that have little or no connection to the beauty pageant industry, Glamanand candidates take part in all the essential photoshoots as per the pageantry standards and norms along with shooting for the sponsors, taking an edge over other competitions, that have been in the industry for a very long time.

While many Indian pageants are hosted by comedians and actors who often crack inane and vulgar jokes on stage with no connection to beauty pageant industry, Glamanand pageant is hosted by beauty queens that once graced the very same platform in the past; thus adding more class to event that never existed in any Indian beauty pageant in the past. The comparison does not just end here. In India, major beauty pageants are often judged by actors, singers and comedians with little or no connection to beauty pageant industry, the Glamanand pageant broke away from this inane tradition and set up a judging panel that comprised former beauty queens and international pageant titleholders that not just understand the functioning of the pageant industry but are also a part of this fascinating and glitzy pageant world; thus preserving the true essence of pageantry in India. All such things hugely contributed to the growth of Glamanand Supermodel India, which in present day, is the only major Indian pageant with three international titles under its portfolio. In current times, when even the oldest pageants in India lost one after another, multiple international franchises that they held for decades, Glamanand grew even stronger and now holds two of the major grand slam international franchises. All this was possible under the far-sighted vision of the insightful gentleman, Nikhil Anand, the man who revolutionized the Indian pageant industry and pulled it out of the claws of monopoly that restricted the opportunities for the newer talents to bloom and flourish for nearly 60 years.

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