In conversation with Bonface Lwako, Mister Model Worldwide 2019 (3rd Runner-up) from Kenya

Bonface Lwako from Kenya was elected third runner-up at the 2019 Mister Model Worldwide competition. The said international modelling competition for men successfully culminated on December 21, 2019 at City Park Resort in New Delhi, India. Bonface Lwako marked Kenya’s debut at Mister Model Worldwide competition and also became the highest placement holder from the African continent at Mister Model Worldwide 2019 contest. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his experience and journey to the prestigious title he won last year.

Bonface Lwako, Mister Model Worldwide 2019 (3rd Runner-up) from Kenya
Bonface Lwako, Mister Model Worldwide 2019 (3rd Runner-up) from Kenya.

Q. Mister Model Worldwide 2019 – Let us begin from the very beginning. Tell us about the moment when your name was announced at the world finale of the competition held in New Delhi last year.
Bonface Lwako:
Being honest I never expected to be in the top 4 let alone winning the runner up title. On the other side, I was happy as I was able to represent my country – Kenya in the best way I could so I was not feeling sad. When you give your best to something, you automatically get a sense of satisfaction. When I landed in India, there was just one thing in my mind that whatever I would do, I would do it with full dedication and I will make my country proud. It was also the very first time that Kenya was being represented at Mister Model Worldwide contest so I had a very crucial responsibility on my shoulder and I understood it even before the contest commenced.  At the finale, they began announcing the awards and I was worried. That is the moment when all the moments that you spent during the pageant begin to play like a video in your mind and you start to think about the things that you did. Once my name was called on stage as the 3rd runner up, I shouted at the backstage and was very happy. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Q. What qualities do you believe help a candidate at a pageant – be it regional, national or international beauty?
Bonface Lwako:
In my opinion, the candidate must be confident and humble. When you go for any pageant, you meet other candidates who have worked equally hard to get to that place. Never underestimate any fellow contestant you meet and do not form a preconceived opinion about anyone without knowing them properly. These are the platforms that might give you some really great friends. So, observe and then react.

Q. What is that one piece of advice that you would like to share with the individuals who want to enter this fascinating world of pageants?
Bonface Lwako:  
Pageants these days have evolved and have become some of the most prominent events. Superficial attributes are no longer everything like most people believe that pageants are all about looks. I am telling it from my experience, the experience that I gained from my pageant days and the things that I learnt, I might not have come across them if I had not made up my mind to enter pageantry. If you want to enter this amazing world of pageants, please go for it.

Q. Do you think it is difficult to be a national representative to an international pageant? What are the hurdles that you faced during your pageant days?
Bonface Lwako:
Difficult is not the word I would use. I would rather say it is a very responsible role that one plays while going for an international pageant. At any international pageant, you do not get addressed by your name rather people call you by your country’s name. So, whatever you do, it in some way or the other reflects your nation. That is where the being responsible part comes in. You need to think several times before you speak.

Q. Describe yourself in three words.
Bonface Lwako:
Go-getter, dream-chaser and hardworking.

Q. In your opinion, what is the best way to deal with criticism?
Bonface Lwako:
Focus on the positive side of it and improve yourself.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers and your well-wishers.
Bomface Lwako:
I would like thank everyone who has been part of my journey and God bless you, Don’t give up, trust the process and it will pay back soon. Take care of yourself and take care of your near and dear ones. Stay safe and be happy.

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