In conversation with Hindatu Ahmed, Miss Supermodel Worldwide national director from Ghana

Hindatu Ahemd from Accra is the current national director of international modelling competition – Miss Supermodel Worldwide. She is responsible for selecting Ghana’s representative(s) for Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition. She also runs her own organization – International Pageant Hub Ghana. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her tryst with pageantry and her organization’s association with Miss Supermodel Worldwide contest.

Hindatu Ahmed.
Hindatu Ahmed.

Q. Beauty pageant industry is rapidly growing. Tell us about your tryst with pageantry. When did you enter this fascinating world of beauty pageants?
Hindatu Ahmed:
I joined the pageant industry in the year 2017. My main aim to join this industry was to create awareness about beauty pageants and similar events – what they really are and beauty pageants are not all about physical beauty – I wanted to erase the long prevailing misconceptions about pageants and wanted to show the world what pageants really are. Other than that, my aim was to promote models from different cultures and faith. I wanted to give them a platform where they can show their talent to the world. There are several individuals in our country who are immensely talented however due to certain barriers they fear to come forward. To highlight this pool of talent, I created the International Pageant Hub Ghana organization so that we can give a credible platform to such individuals and encourage them to come forward and show the world what they are capable of doing and what they really are.

Q. Tell us something about your association with Miss Supermodel Worldwide contest.
Hindatu Ahmed:
It has been such an amazing experience. I feel so happy that I have been awarded the rights to select Ghana’s representatives to Miss Supermodel Worldwide. I have also learnt a lot of things from Mr. Sandeep Kumar, the founder of this wonderful pageant. It is a great platform this pageant is offering and I feel happy that I am associated with it.

Q. In your opinion, what are the major challenges faced by a national director or a beauty pageant director?
Hindatu Ahmed:
There are a few challenges that every national director faces however in my case the major challenges that I faced were selecting the right candidate. It is extremely important that you select the candidate who has the potential to represent your nation in the best possible way. Sponsorship is another challenge. It takes time to grow in this industry. Other than this creating awareness and rendering support is another challenge which we’ll overcome as the time passes by so I am hopeful that we’ll overcome all the other prevailing challenges soon.

Q. What are the key responsibilities of a national director or a pageant director?
Hindatu Ahemd:
The major responsibility is to make sure your candidate’s words do not go unheard. A national director must respect his / her candidate’s opinions. Other than that, making suitable and appropriate arrangements for the candidate(s), be it in terms of training or wardrobe or any other way. Then there is another responsibility of making sure the candidate is safe and does not fall prey to some bad elements of the industry. There are several roles and responsibilities that a director has on his / her shoulders, these are the basic ones that I feel are important to mention.

Q. While selecting a candidate for an international pageant, what are the major things that you take under consideration?
Hindatu Ahmed
: We look for a complete package. The candidate must be intelligent, well-spoken, confident, eloquent and has a likeable personality. He must understand that being a national representative is a very important role and it comes with a lot of colossal responsibilities. Physical beauty is not everything in our selection process. We make sure whichever candidate gets selected for an international pageant, he / she must understand the importance of the role is going to play.

Q. When you look back in time, what do you believe has been your greatest lesson? 
Hindatu Ahmed
: It is better to prepare an opportunity rather than waiting for one to come your way.

Q. Lastly, any message for the readers and your well-wishers.
Hindatu Ahmed
: Never doubt your abilities. Stay focused and follow your dreams.  

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