“It’s a great honour for me to represent India at the Miss Globe 2021 contest,” says Vyshnavi Mynampati

Vyshnavi Mynampati, India’s representative to the Miss Globe 2021 competition.
Vyshnavi Mynampati, India’s representative to the Miss Globe 2021 competition.

We are just a few days away from the commencement of one of the biggest and oldest running international beauty pageants in the world – The Miss Globe. The international beauty pageant based in Albania is one of the most respected beauty pageants in the world. Every year, some of the most beautiful and talented women from different parts of the world attend this this international extravaganza of beauty, fashion and glamour. However, only one woman from the batch gets the honor to wear that illustrious and scintillating crown and carry the title of Miss Globe. This year, the world finals of the Miss Globe 2021 contest would take place on November 5, 2021 at Opera Theatre in Tirana, Albania. On November 5, 2021, one woman’s life will be changed forever.

Speaking about representing India at the Miss Globe 2021 contest, the Indian delegate,Vyshnavi Mynampati mentioned, “It’s a great honor for me to represent India at the Miss Globe 2021 contest. I am working as hard as I can in order to represent my nation, India in the best way. I want to make sure that the moment I land in Albania; I am at my best. This is once in a lifetime opportunity, that does not come with a second chance, hence, there is no scope for mistakes or any sort of mediocrity. From my communication skills to runway skills, from my wardrobe for the pageant to the styling, from on-stage presentation to the interview segments of the event, I am trying to cover as many areas as possible, so that I can do my best when I am there. I would like to thank my mentor and trainer, Sana Dua from Image and Beyond academy for helping me prepare for this international event. Along with that, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Rubaru Group, Mr. Sandeep Kumar and Mr. Pankaj Kharbanda for selecting me to serve as India’s representative at the Miss Globe 2021 competition. At last, a big thanks to all the people who have been supporting me since the inception of the journey, and making me realize I was never alone. Thank you so much. It is your support that has bolstered my confidence and helped me reach this far. Keep supporting me and I shall do you all proud.”

Vyshnavi Mynampati hails from Hyderabad. She is a polyglot and can speak three languages including English, Hindi and Telugu. She holds a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and works a software engineer and model. Soon, she will be seen walking down the stage in Albania, wearing the sash that would say India.

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