Know more about Gabriel Soto Diaz, Mister Mexico 1996

Gabriel Soto Diaz.

Gabriel Soto Diaz from Mexico City was elected the very first winner of El Modelo Mexico in 1996. Winning this prestigious award, Gabriel won the rights to represent Mexico at the world’s biggest international men’s pageant – Mister World. Gabriel was just 18 years old when he was elected El Modelo Mexico. He is also regarded as one of the most handsome Mister Mexico winners in the history of Mexican pageantry.

In September 1996, Gabriel travelled to Turkey to represent Mexico at the very edition of Mister World competition. Gabriel was amongst the major front runners at the pageant. He performed extremely well in all the segments of the Mister World 1996 contest and subsequently won Mister World 1996 (First Runner-up) title at the world finale of the pageant. Gabriel is regarded as one of the most handsome delegates ever to enter the Mister World competition. After returning to Mexico, he became a celebrity and has appeared in several television series and has won various awards.

Gabriel Soto Diaz.

He marked Mexico’s successful debut at Mister World and in following years Mexico became one of the most successful countries at Mister World. Mexico has participated in all the 10 editions of Mister World contest has holds the record of longest streak of entering the top 3 for 3 consecutive editions (2014, 2016 and 2019).

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