Kramik Yadav becomes the first Mr. India to visit the pageant powerhouse nation, Venezuela

Rubaru Mr. India Universal 2022, Kramik Yadav from Gujarat.
Rubaru Mr. India Universal 2022, Kramik Yadav from Gujarat.

For the very first time in the history, a Mr. India winner will visit the most respected and successful country in the world of pageants – Venezuela. The gentleman who will have the honour of travelling to the pageant powerhouse nation of Venezuela is the current winner of Rubaru Mr. India Universal title, Kramik Yadav from Gujarat. Kramik has been chosen to represent India at the international competition –  Caballero Universal 2022 – to take place in Venezuela. The world finals of this prestigious international event will take place on December 1, 2022. At the culmination of the event, the new Caballero Universal will get elected.

Kramik Yadav hails from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. He holds a degree in finance and accounting and is a model, choreographer and businessman. He runs his own firm and is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the Indian pageant sector. Kramik stands 6 ft. and 1-inch tall and has black hair and brown eyes. He is one of the leading choreographers in Gujarat and has expertise in all the Gujarati dance forms. In addition to that, has won multiple awards in his career as a dance choreographer.

On October 5, 2022, Kramik was proclaimed as the winner of the 2022 Rubaru Mr. India championship held at the Crowne Plaza Adyar Park hotel in Chennai. Along with winning the competition, he also won Best in Talent special award at the event. In a few days, he will be seen walking down the international runway at the 2022 Caballero Universal 2022 competition.

Caballero Universal competition is owned by Caballero Universal Organization. The organization is being led by its founder and president, Rafael E. Ramirez. He is one of the most respected and successful fashion designers in the world. The event is being dubbed as “the most important male competition in the universe”.  In India, Rubaru Mr. India pageant is associated with Caballero Universal organization. Rubaru Mr. India is India’s oldest and most prestigious men’s pageant. The pageant was created in the year 2004 and is currently being led by Mumbai-based Pankaj Kharbanda. 

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