Most handsome pageant winners in the world (Part 1)

Most handsome pageant winners in the world (Part 1)

Beauty pageant industry has produced some of the most handsome and good-looking men. The winners of these scintillating and glitzy event have gone to become successful international models, celebrities and entrepreneurs.

They have excelled in various fields like arts, cinema, technology, medicine, politics and many more. Here are some very handsome and charming men who began their journeys by winning a pageant and then went to have a successful career in different sectors.

Juan Garcia Postigo from Spain

Juan García Postigo

Juan Garcia Postigo from Malaga created history by becoming the very first model from the Spain to win Mister World competition. He was elected Mister World in 2007.

He stands 6 ft. and 3 inches tall and has dark brown hair and blue eyes. He holds a degree in Business Management and Administration and is a model, actor, entrepreneur and hotelier by profession.

Dario Duque from the United States

Dario Duque

In 2018, Dario Duque from Florida created history by becoming the very first model from the United States of America to win the prestigious Mister Global contest. He is a model and lifeguard by profession.

Winning the title at the age of 19, he is the youngest candidate ever to win the Mister Global competition.

Gabriel Correa Guzman from Venezuela

Gabriel Correa Guzman

The year 2015 witnessed the election of one of the most handsome Mister Venezuela winners of all time. Hailing from Aragua, Gabriel Correa Guzman was elected Mister Venezuela 2015.He represented Venezuela at international modelling competition – Mister Supranational and ended up winning the event.

He became the very first model from Venezuela to win this prestigious international event. He stands 6 ft. and 3 inches tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. He began his journey as a baseball player and later joined the scintillating world of glitz and glamour.

José-Manuel Alcalde from Chile

José-Manuel Alcalde

José-Manuel Alcalde is a model, engineer and the winner of Mister Model International pageant. He started his journey by entering the Mister Chile competition in 2017 and won the rights to represent Chile at Mister Model International 2018 contest. He is the very first model from Chile to win this prestigious international title.

He is a successful model and travels the world gracing various fashion and social events.

Jack Heslewood from England

Jack Heslewood

Jack Heslewood from Hertfordshire, England was named Mr. World in 2019. Jack is the very first delegate from England to win the Mister World competition.

He holds a degree in Aerospace engineering and is an aeronautical engineer, rocket scientist and model by profession. Along with this, he is a very talented musician and drummer.

Sasha Sasse from Germany

Sasha Sasse

Sasha Sasse from Leipzig was elected Mister Germany in 2019. He stands 6 ft. and 1 inch tall and is a fitness model and sportsperson. He was elected Mister Central Germany in 2018 and subsequently got direct entry to the finals of Mister Germany 2019 contest that he ended up winning as well.

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