Nikhil Anand, the charming gentleman who single-handedly shook the entire Indian pageant industry

India is home to one of the biggest and most successful pageant industries in the world. There is hardly any international pageant in the world that has not seen an Indian representative. However, things were not the same for India in the beauty pageant sector in the past. India witnessed a very long period of dormancy before becoming one of the leading nations in the pageant world. Since the inception of international pageantry in the early 1950’s, India remained dormant for next 40 years with a few successful instances in the 1960’s. The major limitation of the Indian pageant industry was the monopoly practiced by one organization that controlled the entire Indian pageant sector in the past without any significant achievements despite having an experience of 40 years. This monopoly continued for next 60 years until it was broken by a handsome gentleman. One look at him and you would mistake him for being a Mr. India. He is one of the most charming faces produced by the beauty pageant industry but he is not a pageant titleholder but a pageant director. He not only diversified the Indian beauty pageant sector but also gave India its 3 major international beauty pageants. This young man, who was in his early 20’s, shook the entire Indian beauty pageant industry and within 2 years of his career as a pageant director, he formed association with two of the biggest international pageants in the world and expanded his pageant network to more than 60 countries via the international pageants that he established. Today, he is regarded as one of the most successful pageant owners in the world and is one of cited as the most handsome pageant director. His name, Nikhil Anand.

Born and raised in the Indian state of Bihar, Nikhil Anand came to New Delhi for his higher education. His handsome looks and charismatic temperament paved his way to the world of modelling while he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He took his first steps in the pageant world when he competed at the Mr. North India competition. This scintillating world of pageants fascinated him and also made him aware of the limitations and drawbacks of the Indian pageant industry. It was then he made up his mind to launch his own pageant organization. During the final year of his college, he created his own pageant company and named it Glamanand Supermodel India. In 2015, two of the biggest international pageants in the world – Miss Earth and Miss International – parted their ways with their previous partner in India, breaking a legacy that existed for several years, and joined hands with the newly formed Glamanand Supermodel India organization, under the leadership of this visionary gentleman who within just 2 years completely revolutionized the Indian pageant sector. The year 2015 was one of the most significant years in the history of Indian pageantry. It was the year when finally, the long prevailing monopoly came to an end and a then began a new era of innovation that led to departure from the old ways. It also served as beginning of new opportunities in the Indian pageant industry with various diversified options that never existed before.

After acquiring the Miss International franchise rights in India, in 2018, Nikhil took another major step in his career that completely transformed the Indian pageant industry and catapulted it to newer heights. For the first time in history, India became home to two of the leading international teen pageants in the world – Miss Teen International and Miss Teen Multinational. It was also the same time when India witnessed the creation of Miss Multinational under the ownership of Glamanand organization. These international events led to formation of association between the Indian pageant industry and the more than 60 nations across the globe.

The year 2021 brought newer milestones in Nikhil’s life and showed his real potential to the world. It was the time when India was struggling to find a representative for the prestigious Miss Grand International competition. The organization that held the Miss Grand International franchise rights in India earlier did not select any representative for the said international event which led India to almost withdraw from the competition. However, during the eleventh hour, Nikhil Anand and the Glamanand organization came forward and took up this challenge. Within just 2 weeks, the Glamanand team selected a representative, prepared her and successfully sent her to the 2020 Miss Grand International competition; saving India from withdrawing from such a prominent international event. The young lady fulfilled this herculean task was the winner of Glamanand Supermodel India title, Simran Sharma. This led to formation of a new bond between the Glamanand Supermodel India and the Miss Grand International organization.

Today, Nikhil is regarded as the youngest international pageant director in the world. He owns three of the biggest beauty pageants in the India – Glamanand Supermodel India, Miss Teen India and Miss Teen Diva – and is the Indian franchise owner of two of the biggest international pageants in the world – Miss International and Miss Grand International. In addition to that he runs biggest teen pageant in the world – Miss Teen International along with Miss Multinational. Nikhil Anand’s journey from being an engineering student to becoming a model to finally becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the pageant world is a pure tale of hardwork, determination and valiance. His journey is a fine testimony that no milestone in unachievable if you have the courage to walk the path of success with determination and persistence.

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