Pankaj Kharbanda explains the intricate yet well-formulated selection process of Rubaru Mr. India winners

Rubaru Mr. India is the nation’s foremost male pageant. The pageant started in 2004, and today, wears the crown of India’s longest running annual male pageant. It contributes more than 70% to the Indian male pageant industry by producing more than 10 winners and over 30 award winners every year. As illustrious as this coveted title seems, the road to the Rubaru Mr. India finals is far more arduous and challenging. Recently, the vice-president of the organization, Pankaj Kharbanda revealed the selection process that is practiced to elect the Rubaru Mr. India winners.   

Pankaj Kharbanda, the vice president of Rubaru Mr. India organization.
Pankaj Kharbanda, the vice president of Rubaru Mr. India organization.

While speaking about the intricate yet well-formulated selection process, Pankaj Kharbanda mentioned, “The selection process and judgement begins from the very first day a candidate gets chosen as the finalist for the Rubaru Mr. India contest. Our team observes each and every activity of the candidate, be it on social media or during the live sessions. Every single detail and action of the candidate is observed and later analyzed – from the way he speaks to the way he responds; from his thought process to his enunciation; from the way he conducts himself in public or on social media to the way he reacts during group tasks; from his social media activities to his behavior and attitude toward others – every single detail is taken under consideration. On basis of this, each candidate is assigned a score every week, before he arrives at the pageant’s venue. Prior to the finale, we conduct an online interview session with each candidate. This year (2021), we decided to make this interview segment public. During this first interview segment, each candidate was assigned some score based on his performance. The final competition is basically divided into 8 segments – Interview segment (primary and secondary), Public speaking and extempore segment, National Costume Segment, Talent Segment, Formal Wear Segment, Health and Fitness Segment, Social Impact and Awareness segment and Social media and digital platform segment. Each segment bears its own weightage and each candidate is assigned a specific score in accordance to how well he performs in a particular segment. Parameters like confidence, eloquence, intellect, attitude, personality, professionalism, punctuality etc. are taken under consideration and our selection team further assigns a different set of scores to each candidate based on these parameters. At the pageant, each candidate’s attitude and behavior toward others including his fellow contestants, chaperones, organizers, judges, associates, hotel staff, trainers and mentors, is observed. Prior to the finale show, the preliminary competition takes place that comprises First Formal Wear Round, First Fitness Round and Second Interview Round. Each candidate is further assigned a score during the preliminary competition. Then comes the grand finale, where the candidates compete in second formal wear round, second fitness round and on-stage presentation. After this, the candidates are assigned yet another set of scores and all the points earned by each candidate from day 1 of his selection is summed up. On the basis of this we elect our new winners.”

He further added, “I can understand this all looks very detailed and complicated however, when we select our winners, we do not presume that he is going to be with us for 1 year, rather, we try to form an association that goes far ahead of that. We have come this far in pageantry because of our winners; our pageant became successful because of our winners; our winners are our greatest possession. Thus, when we seek for a Rubaru Mr. India winner, we want him to be the best of the best.”

This year (2021), Rubaru Mr. India organized its 17th edition. At the grand finale of the competition, 11 titleholders were elected that would go on to represent India at various international pageants and modelling competitions based in different parts of the world.

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