“Please adhere to the measures that have been recommended so that we can have a better tomorrow,” says Dr. Nazia Majeed, Mrs. National Globe 2019

Dr. Nazia Majeed from Bihar.
Dr. Nazia Majeed from Bihar.

“Please adhere to the measures that have been recommended so that we can have a better tomorrow,” says Dr. Nazia Majeed, Mrs. National Globe 2019, while requesting people to restrict their movement amid the novel Coronavirus outbreak. The Bihar-based doctor and medical officer also extended her gratitude to the forces involved in tackling this disease that has claimed several lives across the world.

While speaking about the pandemic, this international beauty queen mentioned, “For a better tomorrow, we all need to cooperate today. Breaking the chain of this pandemic is absolutely essential so that the damage it has caused to the world can be recovered at a faster pace. Social distancing, movement restriction, staying at home and being quarantine are few of the several measures that will help all of us in limiting the spread of this virus. Studies and researches are being conducted in different parts of the world so that a proper vaccine can be created for COVID – 19. As long as there is no proper vaccine for it, the only measure that we can follow is prevention. We all know that prevention is better than cure. It is my humble request to you all, please educate others regarding why social distancing and movement restriction are required. Next time when you step out of your home, please think about your family members. You might have a strong immunity however everyone does not. A strong immunity does not ensure that you are safe and risk free. You can still act as a carrier of this virus. Along with taking care of your family, please make some contributions to the lives of the people who might not have proper resources to sustain in such critical environment. Please help others in whatever way you can so that the world can still be a better place amid all these dark times. Eat healthy, stay home, stay safe. Eat nutritious food rich in zinc and vitamin C. These are two of the many components that help in enhancing immunity. Our future is in our hands.”

Dr. Nazia Majeed also extended her gratitude to the people involved in the fight against COVID – 19. She mentioned, “I would also like to thank all the individuals from sectors who are constantly working so that even in such difficult times, things can be made easier for us. Let us appreciate their efforts and support them in their act of impeccable generosity.”

Dr. Nazia Majeed is one of the very first international beauty pageant titleholders from Bihar. She was elected Rubaru Mrs. India 2019 (Runner-up) last year and is regarded as one of the most influential and eloquent beauty pageant winners the nation has ever produced.

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