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GrehIndia’s Privacy Statement

Your privacy is primarily collective on the website so we come about with this Privacy Statement that shows to up to what boundaries we keep the data and how we take, gather and save your personal information within website database as well as your Privacy rights based on the laws under privacy.

This Privacy Statement (“Privacy Policy”) applies to GrehIndia and “Newsfrenzy.Org or NewsfrenzyOrg” (whichever takes aside) while considering its statement in case any change is added, then that automatically gets applied to GrehIndia.

>Who we are

We are – GrehIndia – novices for show businesses.

Terms: We, Us = GrehIndia

>How you differentiate us on the website

The terms like “We”, “Us”, “GrehIndia”, “Our”, etc. on the pages only denote GrehIndia (rest others can be found with case-sensitive and counted in them; mentioned before). The posts (articles) which say user name: “Gagan Singh” may mention GrehIndia and some other companies that relate to posts referring to the events he publishes and respective of all those, he takes prior permission and then, post articles. Nothing new if he mentions any name that is not related with GrehIndia and so forth apply to models.

A Look in on at Our Privacy Practice

>Information You Sent to Us:

The Privacy, we carry, is essential to the GrehIndia readers and we will not let the responsibility to go down at any moment. We will protect the data that brings the course of communication with the website. Hence, we are building the confidence of users and make them understand that the data we accumulate and use. Please refer the information we collect:

Visitor Information:

  • Visitor information, such as email id/address, mail address, phone number, passwords, payment information, etc., remains saved in reliance and will never sell to any third party, however, we may use it for the intend of furnishing services represented on GrehIndia.

Email Id/Address Secrecy:

  • Email Newsletter & Subscription Form(s): GrehIndia uses various forms when visitors tour the website, and request them to subscribe Newsletters and other notifications-based news on the categories they are of interest. We gather communication information (like name, email id/address) and save it/them on the GrehIndia server for any future intent.
  • Email Id/Address Authentication: GrehIndia provides privileges for n number of email ids/addresses that a visitor wishes to submit for receiving Newsletters. commenting or notifications. We require confirmation from each email id/address used on the website for commenting, notifications or any other conduct. A reply by clicking “Confirmation” button is a must for completing the commenting or notifications subscription to any of the GrehIndia resources. The “Unsubscribe” option is available at the end of each email communication/Newsletter, and thereby, granting a choice to empty-down the future subscriptions.

Visitor Information:

  • The email message with a request that a visitor has/had sent to us is subject to enhance the quality of our services. We keep it to process each request as per given information.

Transactional Association:

  • We may think that the users have interested in a transactional association with GrehIndia and as a result of that, we may require an email id/address to communicate for the service delivery.

Personal Details that we gather:

  • GrehIndia saves and gathers personal details on the server such as name, email id/address, phone number and more while registering visitors for different services. We will not offer these details to other GrehIndia visitors or third party websites.
  • GrehIndia uses cookies (a bit of data cached on the visitor’s workstation) and other methods to present viewers with an enhanced experience and to make viewers learn to use our services.
  • GrehIndia website may save the login information on the servers at any time when the only user (Gagan Singh) validates his account with the website or any of our services. It may include data such as IP address, MAC address, browser information, entry time and date, device OS, country, language, and the number of sessions that help fix problems & deliver services accordingly.

Exercises of personal information:

  • GrehIndia may employ the personal information of the visitors in R&A that we receive with feedback to improve and accomplish the services, we deliver.
  • Third parties assist visitors while transacting currency (example: shopping cart service provider) and take the personal information held accordance with our Privacy and security measures. It is also requested to contact “” before you proceed with the same transaction.
  • GrehIndia may share information with third parties in restrained situations (and keeping the same information top secret), that is when required by legal means for stopping any fraud or harm to our network & services.
  • GrehIndia may use the mail and email address to ship users (in rare cases only) the items or information relevant to their categories or our services.
  • GrehIndia may send surveys to visitors for improving the services.
  • GrehIndia may delete the visitor comments if they are against the article information or if they harm the article in anyway.

>Cookies and Other Services:

GrehIndia’s services and email messages may use cookies to help enhance your experience on the website. Every page – you visit – may get saved or cached in/on the computer or sometimes, it saves/caches until the time you stay on If you are on, then you agreed cookies and other services acceptation by yourself. About advertisements, it is connected with Google AdSense’s publisher code and it has different privacy statement which does not have any connection with GrehIndia, though it used to show ads on GrehIndia as GrehIndia itself is registered with it so its code can show text, images, GIF, or two-way flow ads on GrehIndia, and it is the primary preference of GrehIndia.

>What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We collect data such as IP address, device and browser details of the visitor to help spam detection.

>Monetary Funding

For connection with financial transaction or any business, contact us at No other platform has any connection with us or if you find any, then it does not consider here in case of any lose.


If we upload images to a post, then they are uniquely taking authorization from the owner or relating website.

>Contact forms

Our forms do not carry any connection to 3rd party websites. All the information legitimately saved in our database.

>Browser Cookies

Your browser automatically saves the format and page data of, whenever you visit GrehIndia. You may delete or block the same by deleting history and cookies of the browser.

>Embedded content from other websites

Articles on GrehIndia may include link (e.g. videos, images, other articles, etc.). It may redirect you to another website, where you may see information subsequent to be informed at and may behave in the exact same way. We may not be responsible for any failed transaction made on the respective website embedded in the content as from our side, there will be a hindrance or request to look on before making any financial transaction. And what we suggest is to contact the respective website’s admin or support before getting into any transaction on any website other than

>What rights you have over your data

You may contact us or email us at to delete or modify any data that you sent in the past.

>Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

We publish disclaimers, if need be, in the related content published herewith for safeguarding the owners and visitors.

>Changes to this Privacy Statement

GrehIndia has the complete rights to do any changes to this Privacy Statement when it is needed to answer in response to:

  • Comments from readers or users from the Internet that spread intense dislike.
  • Changes in our article posting practice related to category, products or services.
  • Changes in the upcoming and current privacy laws.

If we update the Privacy Statement, we will mention the date and time at the bottom as alteration to this statement. Hence, it is requested to review our Privacy Statement that let us learn how GrehIndia is keeping the information safe.

>Links redirecting to other or Third Party Websites

GrehIndia’s users may add links to other websites as a part of reference in the article content, which redirect and may collect personal information. At this stage, GrehIndia is completely not a part of it as you are at a different place on another server. The privacy applied that point will be of those websites, and it is requested to read statement respective of each website before you give way to proceed for any monetary dealing or associating transactions.

>Emailing a Request

If any entity/company thinks that its information, we have saved, or requests deletion of the same that we may have saved for a while or after uploading related article(s), then it is requested to email at We, at GrehIndia, will remove or takedown the article as per instructions formulated from the above-mentioned entity/company which GrehIndia thinks as the respective owner for the aforesaid information.

Note: The request, we hear or receive, does not promise complete access or removal of the information (be it for personal or official) as some of its information still may require in certain circumstances as per law.

Implementation Date: Sunday, 19 April 2020.

Authoritative Date: Monday, 13 April 2020.

Last Updated: Sunday, 24 April 2022.