Sandeep Kumar, the man behind the success of South Asia’s biggest international beauty pageant

Sandeep Kumar with the Top 5 titleholders of Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2022 and international runway coach and entrepreneur, Leila Onyeagbako from the Netherlands.
Sandeep Kumar with the Top 5 titleholders of Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2022 and international runway coach and entrepreneur, Leila Onyeagbako from the Netherlands.

When it comes to the world of beauty pageants, Asia leads the market as most of the well-known beauty pageant owners are Asians; be it the Miss Universe pageant or Miss Grand International or Miss International. The continent of Asia leads the game here. However, if we further analyse, we find that all these events are based in the Southeast Asian regions. Which makes us wonder if the regions of Asia also focus this much on pageantry or not? Well, the answer to this question is ‘Yes’. Today we will get to know the man behind South Asia’s fastest growing international beauty pageant – Miss Supermodel Worldwide. His name, Sandeep Kumar.

Sandeep Kumar, based in the Indian state of Haryana, created Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition in the year 2018. The first edition of the event took place in New Delhi and witnessed participation from 47 countries and territories. It was a considerably high number when it comes to the inaugural edition of an international beauty pageant. At the conclusion of the event, Aleksandra Morozova, who later went on to become a successful international fashion model and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Russian beauty pageant industry. Today, she is the directress of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Russia competition. Following Europe’s successful victory at the event, the following year, Asia won the crown when the beautiful Thai model, Rafha Khongngam was crowned Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2019. Both the events were very well received by people and Rubaru Group, the parent company of Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition received massive appreciation for their event’s format and the social causes it supports.

Along with all its glitz and glamour quotient, the Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition works for various social causes including women empowerment, importance of education, mental health and conservation of environment. During their time in India, the participants take part in a series of social campaign, in different places across the nation, creating awareness on such issues. Sandeep Kumar once mentioned, “Any model can easily ace the runway segments or photo shoots of the competition as it is part of their profession and they hold high expertise in that. Therefore, we look for a candidate that not only knows how to ace the runway but also embodies a compassionate heart that holds equal empathy for people regardless of their nationalities, their backgrounds, their social status of any similar things.”

The latest edition of Miss Supermodel Worldwide competition culminated on October 15, 2022 in Jaipur. Philippines’ Alexandra Mar Rosales was crowned Muss Supermodel Worldwide 2022. The special thing about this year’s winner was she aced the interview segment with a perfect score and was unanimously voted by the judges for the winner’s title. In addition to winning the prestigious crown, she also won Best Speaker award for displaying remarkable eloquence and intellect. She instantly became an overnight success in the Philippine pageant industry and appeared in several photoshoots and runway shows. However, there is more to this beautiful Filipina. As per the judging panel, Alexandra’s answers to their questions vividly portrayed the qualities of 21st century woman who is self-assured, intelligent, eloquent, academically driven, confident and embodies an equally beautiful heart.

From creating an international beauty pageant to supporting several social causes, this international initiative of Sandeep Kumar transformed the image of the beauty pageant industry India. Today, India has become home to the fastest growing international beauty pageant of South Asia.

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