Songashim Rungsung – The man who revolutionized the stereotypical image of a Mr. India winner

Songashim Rungsung, Rubaru Mr. India 2020-21 and India’s representative to the 2022 Mister Friendship International competition.
Songashim Rungsung, Rubaru Mr. India 2020-21 and India’s representative to the 2022 Mister Friendship International competition.

When we hear the phrase Mr. India, we often construct an image in our mind; an image of a good-looking man walking down the runway in voguish outfits. This is the basic notion that the larger section of the Indian society carries, regarding a Mr. India winner, and to some extent this long held notion was true until this man joined the Indian pageant industry. He came out of the blue and not only conquered the Indian pageant sector but also went onto rule the hearts of countless Indians across the nation. He gave a new representation to the title of Mr. India and showed the world that a Mr. India is much more than a handsome face that only walks the fashion runway. The man who broke this long-prevailing misconception is none other than the very first Mr. India titleholder from the state of Manipur, Songashim Rungsung.

Hailing from the Talui village in Manipur, Songashim represented Manipur at the nation’s biggest men’s pageant – Rubaru Mr. India, held in Goa on April 4, 2021, and was elected the competition’s winner. He became an overnight sensation in the Indian pageant sector, not just because he was extremely good-looking and had a perfectly chiselled physique, but because of the strong performance that he delivered and the motives and social causes that he supported. Songashim Rungsung is a strong advocate of a healthy toxic free lifestyle and has been raising awareness on the sensitive issue of substance abuse. He has been actively involved in promoting body positivity and strong mental and physical health. From being part of social campaigns on healthy lifestyle to promoting importance of education in his state, Songashim Rungsung made sure that he does full justice to the title of Mr. India.

He mentioned, “A Mr. India is a public figure. The title is not just about walking the ramp or doing photoshoots. It is also about touching people’s lives. This platform offers tremendous opportunities to make your voice heard at a larger scale. I understood the responsibilities of Mr. India the moment that trophy was given to me. I wanted to contribute to the society, especially to my state, where we are battling against issues like substance abuse. I am happy that my actions were very well received by the people and they appreciated all the work I did.  This motivated me even further to do more such things.”

His social initiatives were supported by the government of Manipur and he was even appointed as the goodwill ambassador of his hometown. Last month in October, he was also awarded with the Social Impact award for all the social work that he has been doing. In a few weeks, he will represent India at the upcoming edition of international competition – Mister Friendship International to take place in Thailand. The said international event has established to promote international harmony and goodwill and worldwide culture. The event is based in Thailand and is organized by J. C. Steed Group, under the leadership of Joe Kampol.

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