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GrehIndia’s Terms of Use

>Terms that we usually use

‘We’, ‘GrehIndia’, ‘Us/us’, ‘killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com’, ‘Makers@GrehIndia.com’, ‘our’, ‘user/users’, etc. are all linked with GrehIndia and have rights to denote/refer GrehIndia on pages only (How to recognize a page> no mention of user name on that page. How to recognize a post> a user name is mentioned on that page). GrehIndia, sometimes, adds disclaimer on some posts that is solely on the basis of posts that contain either financial association or website routing to any 3rd-party-link which asks payment or any type of financial collaboration. (It is also requested to make any payment only after reading the process or taking suggestion from ‘killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com’ or ‘Makers@GrehIndia.com’ to know the payment’s ingenuity.)

Main Terms/Terms: ‘We’, ‘GrehIndia’, ‘Us/us’, ‘killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com’, ‘Makers@GrehIndia.com’, ‘anothersolvent@outlook.com’, ‘Sites’, ‘Website’, ‘Websites’ and ‘Site’.

The terms (“Terms”) mentioned on this page will automatically approve an agreement with you and GrehIndia in a legal way whenever you see any of the them on the website and you read them on the article(s). The same agreement applies to our parent company (“Newsfrenzy.Org or NewsfrenzyOrg”). The Terms you read on GrehIndia’s Site agree your use and access to the website(s) and the information published or posted as article(s) on GrehIndia or the “Sites”, “Website”, “Websites” or “Site”. GrehIndia may change or modify these “Terms”, if need be, at any time relates to the current situation, if GrehIndia finds any, by updating this page. It is requested to visit, this page on a regular basis to know the terms that control your use at GrehIndia.

>Disclaimer and Limitations

GrehIndia does not allow any permission to use the content of this Site. Reading an article does not provide the license to use this Site content(s) of any of the posts or pages at anywhere. All the rights of the content, on each article, post or page, belong to GrehIndia, and GrehIndia strictly restricts the reuse of the same at anywhere or even on this Site. GrehIndia encourages some users to publish articles on this Site as a limited license for which GrehIndia grants permission before “**creating their accounts”. That limited license also equips to users to mention/associate the reference link(s) of/to their respected source(s). GrehIndia reserves right to delete the article, or takedown it, only if GrehIndia receives a formal complaint. Takedown also permits removal of articles subject to misuse of these Terms that directly or indirectly affect GrehIndia. The limited license also terminates automatically if you/users breach any of these Terms or its part. The account details will be immediately destroyed upon termination. The following are also applicable as limitations:

  • Content or information publishing with changes, copying, distributing, reposting, downloading, or sending in any means or any form to another medium.
  • Use the Site or GrehIndia in any “means” or form that is against the law or restricted by these Terms.
  • Use of this Site for any sales activity upon the rights of GrehIndia or acting as GrehIndia.
  • Use content of GrehIndia and reframe it, where the source, only if, is GrehIndia.
  • Use of GrehIndia’s logo and further its contents to evaluate any other websites products and services.

**creating their accounts: In rare cases only.

GrehIndia reserves right to authorize prototype content, only if, the same is prioritized by, or with written email from, killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com or Makers@GrehIndia.com.

>Posts that are published

Each post that is proofread by its user will entail to take the responsibility of the contents that include in it. Once the post is published, it is viewed over the web and some may claim its fragment on the verge of publication, which GrehIndia may not take responsible for. If any type of harm, distress is finding by anyone after the post publication, then he/she may write us at ‘killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com’, ‘Makers@GrehIndia.com’, for which GrehIndia has right to take action.

>Images that we use

Our user might use the images from the Internet to explain the theme of the articles that he publishes. These images do not carry any affiliation with GrehIndia, and published just to make readers understand the theme of the articles in the best possible way.

Note: If any entity/company like to claim the image, then it is requested to email at killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com or Makers@GrehIndia.com, GrehIndia will remove or takedown the article as per instructions formulated from the above-mentioned entity/company which GrehIndia thinks as the respective owner for the aforesaid image.

>Video Publishing

The videos published on YouTube are a property of GrehIndia. As briefing the same, the models who are being highlighted in each video, or their appearance in any form, constitute legal rights to GrehIndia for the ownership of the content made after publishing them on any social media platforms. Hence, it is understood that the role of a model, in any videography published on the social media platforms, is for promotional purpose and purely on the basis of the contract signed, including a bit part, or offered to GrehIndia when he/she is in the period of contract with another company, which automatically transfers all the rights to GrehIndia (after publishing the video); this also covers acceptance of NewsfrenzyOrg’s (Parent company) Our Directives while preparing content, where he/she must be in account with NewsfrenzyOrg’s Our Directives.


Please read Privacy Statement and by visiting the Site, you agree with the Privacy Statement of GrehIndia. Thereby, you are taking responsibility to:

  • Protect the visiting information details and not to save or register anywhere else other than www.GrehIndia.com.
  • Accept capturing IP address, MAC address and other browser/computer details required for any visitor on GrehIndia’s server; no matter from which device(s) you are doing it.
  • Accept any activity that is unlawfully occurring or occurred under your visiting activity, and you fail to protect/prevent such information to keep safe.

>E-mail Communications

When you use GrehIndia, you are accepting Privacy Statement. Subsequently, you also agree to receive E-mail communications from ‘anothersolvent@outlook.com’ or ‘killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com’, ‘Makers@GrehIndia.com’ (**in rare cases) that include to accept any legal proceedings happened under your visiting activity by any means against law or IT law. GrehIndia further shares computer, browser and rest details to/retrieved from legal informatics. At this stage, GrehIndia is not legally answerable as per statement mentioned above, and further proceedings, or whatever as per law, against the one will be done.

**in rare cases: You receive emails when a case is filed against GrehIndia that is due to negative betide with your visiting activity.

>Contact Us   

GrehIndia owns this Site or website. If any entity/company thinks that its information we have saved, or requests deletion of the same that we may have saved for while or after uploading related article(s), then it is requested to email at killVINU@ukvisahelpline.com or Makers@GrehIndia.com. We, at GrehIndia, will remove or takedown the article as per instructions formulated from the above-mentioned entity/company which GrehIndia thinks as the respective owner for the aforesaid information.

Implementation Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2020.

Authoritative Date: Monday, 13 April 2020.

Last Updated: Monday, 28 June 2021.