“We all must cooperate today for a better tomorrow,” says Manav Ranka

Manav Ranka
Manav Ranka

“We all must cooperate today for a better tomorrow,” said Manav Ranka, while requesting people to restrict their movement amid the novel Coronavirus outbreak. The Mumbai-based entrepreneur and West zone head of Rubaru Mr. India contest also extended his gratitude to the forces involved in tackling this disease that has claimed the lives of several individuals across the world.

While speaking about the pandemic, he mentioned, “The world is surely going through difficult times and we all must cooperate today so that there can be better tomorrow. Whatever actions we perform today will decide our tomorrow so, we need to act wisely. In order to break this deadly chain of COVID – 19, we all need to work together. Social distancing, movement restriction, being quarantine and maintaining good hygiene are few of the many measures that would help us in our battle against this virus. Not all of us are privileged enough to stay at home while others are out there fighting this battle. Let us support them and make things easier for our heroes.”

Manav also thanked all the people involved in tackling this outbreak. He quoted, “I would also like to extend my gratitude to the people out there who making things easier for us in such difficult times and putting all their efforts ahead so that the world can go back to normal functioning. You guys are the real heroes.”

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