Will India, ever again, produce a Mr. India winner as great as Mudit Malhotra?

Over the years, India has witnessed the election of some of the most handsome and amazing Mr. India winners, however the year 2016 marked the advent of such a winner that completely revolutionized the title of Mr. India. He pulled the Indian male pageant industry out of dormancy and began India’s golden age in the international male pageant industry. It was April 24, 2016, when he was named Mr. India and the entire pageant world shook till its core. His victory brought international recognition to Indian pageant industry and marked the beginning of a new era in India’s pageant sector. His name, Mudit Malhotra.

Mudit Malhotra became the first Rubaru Mr. India titleholder that represented India at the Mister International competition. Along with that, he also ended India long-prevailing drought of non-placement at the said event. Standing 6 ft. and 2 inches tall with a perfectly sculpted physique and magnificently handsome face, Mudit is regarded as one of the greatest pageant winners in the history. He is also regarded as one of the most handsome men ever to enter the pageant sector. His victory at Rubaru Mr. India catapulted the Indian pageant industry to greater heights and made India one of the strongest countries in the pageant world.

Mudit Malhotra Mr. India 2016

Along with his hypnotic appearance, it was his extremely strong credentials and an appealing personality that made him a megastar of Indian pageant world. Born and brought up in New Delhi, Mudit completed his master’s degree in public relations and marketing from Amity University while simultaneously working as a model. In 2016, he competed at Rubaru Mr. India competition and was proclaimed the event’s winner. It was the first time in history that the Rubaru Mr. India organization had acquired the Mister International franchise. Mudit’s election as the 2016 Rubaru Mr. India International title diverted all the international attention to the Mr. India competition, and pageant analysts and consultants from around the world labelled Mudit as one of the greatest pageant winners in history. He represented India the 11th Mister International competition held in Thailand and placed amongst the Top 9. It was for the first time since 2008 that an Indian delegate secured a placement at the Mister International competition. India was doing well in pageants for women however, when it came to pageants for men, India was far from being noticed. However, after the arrival of this wonderful gentlemen, everything changed. His victory at Mr. India 2016 contest brought several reforms in the Indian pageant sector and marked the beginning of Indian male pageant industry’s golden period. While in earlier years, Mr. India competition was often neglected at national as well as international level, after 2016 several other highly educated and talented men became part of the Mr. India competition and put India at the forefront in the pageant world. Today, India is counted amongst the top performers in male pageantry.

While most of the Mr. India winners struggled with their communication skills in earlier times due to lack of training, Mudit Malhotra had possessed great eloquence and a strong command over 2 international languages – English and Spanish, and 2 Indian languages – Hindi and Punjabi. All thanks to strong educational background. He is one of the very few Mr. India winners who are polyglots. In addition to that, he understood the significance the difference between a model and a Mr. India titleholder. While most of the Mr. India winners, under the pressure of some cunning and shrewd photographers, appear for nude / semi new photoshoots in the name of modern art and aesthetics, till date Mudit has not done any such vulgar acts.

Mudit Malhotra is a businessman, model, actor and philanthropist.
Mudit Malhotra is a businessman, model, actor and philanthropist.

It took only one man’s effort to bring such a big change that completely reformed the Mr. India competition and its image at the international level. Recently, the Rubaru Mr. India organization announced that they have been awarded the Mister International franchise rights again. With Mister International franchise returning to India’s biggest men’s pageant once again, there arises an even bigger question – Will India, ever again, produce a Mr. India winner as great as Mudit Malhotra?

Since 2017, India is waiting for a second Mudit Malhotra to come and offer an even stronger and more significant boost to the Indian male pageantry. Will India ever find another Mr. India who will be as great as Mudit Malhotra? Since 2004, the Rubaru Mr. India competition has produced several remarkable Mr. India winners that have brought laurels and pride to the Indian nation. This year, however will be the most significant one for them as all eyes will on the finals of Rubaru Mr. India 2023, waiting to learn the name of the gentleman who would serve as India’s representative at the 2023 Mister International contest, reviving the golden legacy that was established in 2016. 

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